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This gallery highlights images from the Cathedral's special services and many activities.

St. Francis Day October 2015

Centenary of the Battle for Delville Wood

Centenary of the Battle for Delville Wood This year South Africa commemorates the Centenary of the Battle for Delville Wood,  the first major engagement of World War I entered into by South African soldiers. The South African 1st Brigade entered Delville Wood in France on the morning of 15 July 1916 with 121 officers and 3 032 men. For six days they held off determined attacks by German forces until their relief on 20 July. Just 755 South Africans marched out of the wood: the rest were dead, wounded or taken POW.

Members of the Cape Town Rifles, the city’s oldest Reserve Force Regiment, were among the South Africans who fought and died at Delville Wood. On the morning of 17 July 2016, members of the Regiment honoured the fallen at the Roll of Honour in the St David’s Chapel immediately before the morning service, before attending the Centenary Parade in the Company’s Gardens at the Delville Wood Memorial. The Delville Wood Memorial commemorates all South Africans who have given their lives in the service of their country in the two World Wars. The Regiment is pleased to honour the legacy of those who fell in the service of South Africa in this way as part of its ongoing programme of community involvement.

Palm Sunday 2016

Royal Visit to the Cathedral